Illegal eviction of Tweebosstraat, 120

On the 26th of February, employees of Vestia came to the door of a squat on Tweebosstraat, 120. They knocked at the door, introducing themselves as the police. Obviously the squatters didn’t believe them, and refused to open the door anyway. Vestia threathened them to call the police, so they gave them the following documents […]

About Police actions in Tweebosbuurt

We’ve been silently listening to lots of different people talking about squatters in Tweebosbuurt in the last few days. From the leftist parties supporting squatters and newspapers calling them “heroes of Tweebosbuurt” to far right activists calling them criminals and claiming that they should be jailed or kicked out of the country. We thought that […]

Call to donations

==Dutch below== We’re looking for donations in order to appeal our courtcase (total costs are around 2000 euros): Last wednesday the judge decided that 3 squatted houses in the Tweebosbuurt have to be evicted. Today we decided to start an appeals process. We do this because we think that Vestia does not ‘urgently’ need our […]

Free Anton !

Laat Anton vrij! English below / Fran├žais plus bas Hij heeft een lachend gezicht, tedere ogen, en in stilte hoor ik hem nog schreeuwen Fuck them and their law. Hij bevindt zich nu in een gesloten centrum in Rotterdam. Hij vertelt ons hoe hij aangehouden werd. Hoe hij gewoon naar vrienden wou gaan, en politie […]

News about Anton.

Some inhabitants wrote a public letter to call to support Anton: Note that it is based on their current understandig of the situation. “Hello, We’re a group of inhabitants of the neighborhood of Tweebosbuurt in Rotterdam, Netherlands. We’re organizing against it’s demolition and the gentrification of the District for several months. The situation were actually […]