Private security company blocking the entrance of 118, Tweebosstraat

The 1st and 2nd of March, K9 Defense Security guarded the door of 118 with a dog, stoping people from entering or leaving the building. Two inhabitants were forbidden to come in on the 1st, and the same thing happened again on the 2nd to one other. The neighbors had to come downstairs to let the people in, and discovered a pallet closing the staircaise downstairs. This “barricade” was stolen from a group of squatters walking in the street nearby and put there by the security to stop them from moving freely in the hallway of their own appartment. We’re aware of the absurdity of this hard-to-bielive situation so here’s pictures to prove it:

Security guarding the door with a dog
Security guarding the door with a dog
Barricades inside
“Baricades” inside the staircaise to stop inhabitants from going downstairs.

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There’s also a video of when the inhabitants of the building went downstairs to ask the security to remove the baricade and let people come in and out freely, it’s coming soon with the videos of the illegal eviction of 120, Tweebosbuurt. Stay updated!

According to K9, they were there to guard the door of 118a. The door was broken by the police earlier on the 1st of March, becuase K9 though the appartment was squatted. It was not. After two days of this mess, the place is now scealed and the security company left (for now).

During the first day they were here, they called the police at least three time for no reason, once for asking them to break the door of an appartment that was not even squatted, two other time because there were people in the staircase (their own staircase!).