Private security company blocking the entrance of 118, Tweebosstraat

The 1st and 2nd of March, K9 Defense Security guarded the door of 118 with a dog, stoping people from entering or leaving the building. Two inhabitants were forbidden to come in on the 1st, and the same thing happened again on the 2nd to one other. The neighbors had to come downstairs to let the people in, and discovered a pallet closing the staircaise downstairs. This “barricade” was stolen from a group of squatters walking in the street nearby and put there by the security to stop them from moving freely in the hallway of their own appartment. We’re aware of the absurdity of this hard-to-bielive situation so here’s pictures to prove it:

Security guarding the door with a dog
Security guarding the door with a dog
Barricades inside
“Baricades” inside the staircaise to stop inhabitants from going downstairs.

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Illegal eviction of Tweebosstraat, 120

On the 26th of February, employees of Vestia came to the door of a squat on Tweebosstraat, 120. They knocked at the door, introducing themselves as the police. Obviously the squatters didn’t believe them, and refused to open the door anyway. Vestia threathened them to call the police, so they gave them the following documents proving they were living here for more than a week. Those documents were stamped by the OM on the 19th of February to prove the authenticity of the date.

legal documents legal documents legal documents legal documents legal documents

According to Dutch law, those documents mean that Vestia is supposed to do a courtcase against the squatters in order to get an eviction order. After 48 hours of occupancy it’s illegal to evict a squat without an order from a judge.

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About Police actions in Tweebosbuurt

We’ve been silently listening to lots of different people talking about squatters in Tweebosbuurt in the last few days. From the leftist parties supporting squatters and newspapers calling them “heroes of Tweebosbuurt” to far right activists calling them criminals and claiming that they should be jailed or kicked out of the country. We thought that most of what could be said about squatters in Tweebosbuurt has been said. But then Wim Hoonhout, head of communication of Rotterdam’s police, decided to give his opinion on twitter as well, and it says a lot about how this city works: “Anti-capitalists, anarchists and extremists from Europe choose #tweebosbuurt for their actions. Thereby threaten the safety of residents. This requires a strict approach. Police [is] committed to ensuring that safety. Violence must be proportional and subsidiary. These people seek to undermine the rule of law. Leon [a journalist supporting squatters] trivializes their behavior and condemns our action”.

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Call to donations

==Dutch below==

We’re looking for donations in order to appeal our courtcase (total costs are around 2000 euros):

Last wednesday the judge decided that 3 squatted houses in the Tweebosbuurt have to be evicted. Today we decided to start an appeals process. We do this because we think that Vestia does not ‘urgently’ need our homes, and that we do urgently depend on the roof over our head. Since the neighborhood won’t be demollished for at least 1,5 years awaiting Vestia’s appeal against the 17 neighbors that were alowed to stay, as decided by a judge on the 10th of january, it is unreasonable and unfounded to evict us now already. The first judge decided otherwise, but we bielive to have a chance to win with another one. Continue reading “Call to donations”

The little newsletter from Sunday for the week from 02/10 to 02/16

Monday 10:
– Like all the Monday it’s Dino’s Kitchen, it’s a great cooking on donation to meet and discuss. Everybody is welcome (except vestia, cops and fascists).
That will happen at Dino’s squat, 118D 2bosstraat, at 7 and a half in the evening.

Tuesday 11:
– We build a collective compost zone, at 2 pm in the park in the collective courtyard.
– Neighborhood meeting at 7 and a half in the eveningin the “speeltuin”.

Wednesday 12:
– Call to come to support our friend Anton, he is in detention center for 3 weeks for the only reason that he is considered a “stranger”! this person risk deportation and maybe worst if that would arrive! All information about Anton are on
Come on the 12 of february in front of the Rotterdam Court, Wilhelminanplein 100-125. we don’t know at what time yet, we will let you know.
FREE ANTON! No one is illegal!

Saturday 15:
– BPW Woonspreekuur & Meet and Greet at 3 pm until 9 pm At the neighborhood house at Riebeekstraat 30. All information on

Sunday 16:
– “ZE FOOTBALL CUP OF 2BOS” football championship at 2 pm at the football field at Afrikaanderplein. come alone or with your team. There will be food and drinks, feel free to bring food to share as well.

Feel free to send an e-mail to if you know some others cool events and activities in the neighborhood or if you want to publish somethings on the website (letter, poem, art, analysis or anything else)

Free Anton !

Laat Anton vrij!

English below / Fran├žais plus bas

Hij heeft een lachend gezicht, tedere ogen, en in stilte hoor ik hem nog schreeuwen Fuck them and their law.

Hij bevindt zich nu in een gesloten centrum in Rotterdam.

Hij vertelt ons hoe hij aangehouden werd. Hoe hij gewoon naar vrienden wou gaan, en politie zag voorbijlopen. Geen geluk, ze volgen hem. Misbruik van identiteitscontrole. De arrestatie veranderde snel in een achtervolging, vernedering en extreem geweld. Hij was het eerste slachtoffer van de toenemende repressie in de wijk. 22 januari tweeduizendtwintig. 13u12.

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News about Anton.

We’re not giving up yet. Solidarity with Anton.

Some inhabitants wrote a public letter to call to support Anton:
Note that it is based on their current understandig of the situation.


We’re a group of inhabitants of the neighborhood of Tweebosbuurt in Rotterdam, Netherlands. We’re organizing against it’s demolition and the gentrification of the District for several months. The situation were actually in our favor, the court made a decision against the demolition. However, during the past few days, police of Rotterdam started an awful harassment campaign against the inhabitants of the neighborhood. 25 people were arrested in the past few days, 19 activists supporting the local struggle and 6 other inhabitants during “random” identity controls. A police car is driving by our street two or three time every hour, day and night, and they ask ID documents to people walking in the streets of the neighborhood. If that person “looks like an activist” or is not able to immediately provide ID documents they’re immediately locked up for several hours. Several people (at least 3) got beaten up in their cells. One of them (EU citizen) got evicted of the country after 30 hours of custody because she was walking her dog without a leach in the neighborhood. Another one is still in detention and is facing deportation in a country where he’s danger, and is not provided any medical care in detention despite several broken bones during his arrest. Continue reading “News about Anton.”

Support form Istanbul

We recieved support from The vegan life wach occupation in Istanbul:

The vegan watch occupation in Istanbul stands in solidarity with the squatters of Tweebosbuurt especially the one who is still imprisoned. Until every cage is empty and every house is squatted!

We’re very happy about that. Thanks!

In solidarity!